Ihumure Peace Association


  • Ending Domestic Violence
  • Reconciling Genocide Perpetrators and Survivors
  • Jumpstarting Economic Cooperatives

Our Rwandan partners are a unified group of volunteer mediators, workshop leaders, and trauma recovery facilitators. This remarkable group of women and men, Christians and Muslims, and Hutus and Tutsis, brings an array of transforming services to their communities.

Ihumure supports trauma recovery, conflict transformation and economic self–sufficiency through its “Wheel of Peace” set of services:


Workshops on trauma recovery and conflict transformation: At workshops, people who have lived in isolation or perpetual conflict have the opportunity to find support and relief. Each workshop creates an ongoing support group for continuing growth and healing.

See the video Hope for Rwanda which shows a trauma healing workshop.

Cooperative economic survival: Each support group receives some seed resources for beginning a collaborative financial endeavor. So far, Ihumure has initiated projects for growing potatoes and flowers, crafts cooperatives, breeding goats, and other forms of financial self-sufficiency.

Mediation: Ihumure mediators work with families experiencing domestic violence, neighbors experiencing land disputes, and other family and community disputes and forms of violence.

Home visits and listening rooms: Volunteers visit severely traumatized neighbors in their homes to listen and to encourage people to access services at Ihumure’s office in Nyundo, Rwanda. Many genocide survivors have never spoken of their experiences in the genocide until Ihumure offers them that opportunity.

Pastor Habimana Augustin

Ihumure is led by Pastor Habimana Augustin, a Quaker minister with a passion for trauma healing and reconciliation.


Ihumure Peace Association evolved from a group of peace clubs established by a Muslim community leader. At present it is led by Pastor Augustin Habimana, an Evangelical Quaker. Pastor Augustin received his initial training in conflict transformation from American Quakers. He built Ihumure’s initial structure with funds from a USAID grant.

Ihumure’s trauma – informed mediation model was developed in partnership with Mediators Beyond Borders International. The Ihumure Peace Association now has eight fully trained mediators and workshop facilitators and soon will soon double that number. They are now officially registered as Community Based Organization for Peace Education – Ihumure.

Ihumure aspires to be an in-country local resource for Rwandan mediators, known as Abunzi, and also provide a replicable, community-based model to be used throughout the country to promote the national recovery from genocide.

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